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Infants – 6 weeks to 18 months



Our infant rooms are designed around the knowledge that each infant is on an individual sleeping schedule and deserves a quiet place to sleep. Our crib rooms provide such a place. When awake, they need to be held and cuddled and be provided with age appropriate toys and stimulation in a nurturing environment.


Some elements of our infant program:

  • Continuity of care with consistent caregivers
  • Custom crib rooms
  • Flexible individual scheduling
  • Plentiful outside time in our infant play area and walks
  • Informational sheets sent home daily
  • Accommodations for breastfeeding infants
  • Lots of tummy time and plenty of freedom to explore
  • Infant CPR trained staff
Making sure you feel confident when leaving your infant with us is important. We provide compassionate care and ongoing communication with the parents. You can be assured your infant is in good hands!